Recommendations for storage and use of the product: 

  1. Store the products (goods) under certain conditions: the room must be dry and closed; the temperature fluctuation inside the room shall be in the range of + 5°C to +20°C; the relative humidity parameter should not exceed 65%; do not place closer than 3 meters to the heating devices; do not expose the surface to the direct sunlight and moisture. Do not keep the chemical substances which can degrade plastics and paint and polymer coverings in one room with the product 
  2. Before unpacking the product it should stay under the room temperature about 12 hours provided it was stored at a lower temperature (of 0°C to + 10°C) before and up to 24 hours if it was under a sub-zero temperature. 
  3. The product keeps the original characteristics specified in the TU (technical specification), under proper transportation, storage, installation and operation. 
  4. The manufacturer defines the guarantee for use of the goods till the natural fading - not less than 36 months and 60 months - in the absence of exposure to the direct sunlight. 
  5. Gentle wet cleaning of the product is permitted. 

The product is patented and certified, contains no harmful substances. 

The report of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise No. 05.03.02-04/20495 of June 16, 2016 

 The order and the reason of the return: 

The goods can be returned within 14 days of its receipt provided that the integrity of the package is kept if it is a standard product and in case of discrepancy with the approved sizes and/or color proof if it is an individual image. If the color proof was not carried out on the customer’s initiative, all the claims concerning the color and its intensity are not accepted. 

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