The main goal of Luxury Textile is to be innovators in the creation of wallpapers.

Developing original artworks with artists and designers, we offer design solutions for decorating walls, the ability to express and emphasize the interior individuality. And, of course, we don’t remain indifferent!

The seamlessness of our mural paintings makes the integral picture and continuous plot. The height of a roll of material for our photo wallpapers is 3.15 m with unlimited length, so there are no any joints or seams.

Our team is focused on results and non-stop development. We have a systematic approach to problem-solving of any complexity. After all, consistency is a factor that allows to bring the idea to perfection. It`s the same like the process of polishing and cutting a diamond before it becomes a brilliant.

Luxury Textile was founded in spring 2016. During all company’s life, it has non-stop developed production processes, improving the quality of service, working on the creation of new designs, expanding the range of its customers - from private orders to cinemas, restaurants and hotel complexes.

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