Wall decor - this is how each renovation begins, it takes a long time for this stage to select the necessary wallpaper. Even more time is spent on sticking, cutting rolls. Many details can negatively affect the final result. Therefore, seamless wallpaper is the best solution for an exclusive interior. It is not only beautiful and creative, but also practical.

After ordering, modern wallpaper on the wall come in full readiness for sticking. You will be given only one roll. Printed drawing can be made:

  • "Canvas" (base - textiles)
  • "Smooth surface" (base - interlining)

Due to the fact that wallpapers are supplied in just one roll, they do not have connecting joints. The process of pasting is completely different from pasting ordinary wallpaper. After that you will have only one seam, which is easily hidden by decorative elements or decorative cord.

Photowall-paper on all room, as well as wallpapers of other parameters, have advantage in the presence of a covering from household influences: pollution or mechanical damages. Textile-based wallpaper requires a quick response in case of pollution, if you delay, you risk getting a non-stainable.

The process of pasting requires previous preparation of the walls, their alignment, priming, drying. In the opposite case, beautiful wallpapers "show" all the flaws of the walls, what will ruin the image. Our choice is presented in many options, among which are: large-sized wall-paper on the wall, corner wall-paper, wall-paper from your photos.

The catalog presents ready-made options, they all have the standard parameters of length and height. You can order photo wallpapers with your own photo and with your own parameters, or specify parameters for the options proposed in the catalog. Making custom-made photo wallpapers is a unique offer that helps you create your own non-re-design room.

Advantages of seamless photo wallpaper:

  • Dense base resistant to damage
  • Burnout protection
  • Environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic materials
  • The ability to create wallpapers with your photo
  • Prompt printing of photo wallpapers
  • Wall mural for the whole room
  • The ability to choose the texture of the canvas
  • Easy installation
  • No seams