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We provide designers with a convenient working system and give them the following services:

- design BOX with samples

- textures for visualizations (you can download any design for your visualization using the "DOWNLOAD TEXTURE" button under the design on our website)


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For representatives:

To start cooperation, we offer to purchase a basic “Dealer Kit”, which will help you to present our products in your shop in the most complete way.


When you buy a dealer kit, we provide you with a mural painting of 3.5 sq.m free of charge for exposure (branded mural).


We guarantee our partners:

• The shortest lead time of orders.

• Individual service.

• Quality of manufactured products.


Prompt response to recommendations for improving the company's work or claims.

If you are interested in cooperation, call us or send an application by email for more information:

 +38 068 857 49 73