Constant development of customer relations is the priority of our company. If you wish to become an official representative of the brand “LUXURY TEXTILE” in your region, you just need to leave an inquiry on our website. A manager of the company will contact you for more details. Application processing and making decision on cooperation usually take up to 3 business days. 

     We offer favorable terms of cooperation for each potential partner. Today we cooperate with studios and showrooms selling wallpapers and decorative materials; construction and design companies; architects and designers; individuals which are interested in our goods. 

     We have created the highest standards not only in quality, but in production and service efficiency too. Our team is professionals and production capacities are equipped with modern facilities. Therefore, all the proposed solutions for interior decoration and design from Luxury Textile - seamless textile wallpapers, seamless photo wallpapers, and pictures of nonstandard sizes - are made at the highest level. 

     The company has developed a special program for promotion of its products by the local official partners. Wallpapers partner package and pictures partner package provide efficient equipment of a showroom or a sales outlet. 

     The use of ready-made partner packages as a guidance in promotion of the product will ensure a regular increase in customers, allow designing of interiors with photo wallpapers and pictures and increase your income too. 

     Your business automatically falls into the category of long-term trends with our products. From our part we provide a range of ready solutions and materials, support flexible interaction and introduce necessary innovations. We set the task to create such terms for you under which you will be pleased with the results. 

     Our main principles of work with business partners: 

  • We give marketing support to the partners. It includes: placing information about each of the representatives in the promotional products and product catalogues; delivery of leaflets, booklets and texture samples in proper amount 
  • We redirect our customers to the partner offices considering their location. 
  • We train the employees and the partner staff by a specially prepared program and consult them by phone. 
  • We use flexible discount system and work on individual terms with each partner. Please contact your manager or leave a request on the website for more details.