We strive to provide the widest possible range of services so that any client can be satisfied.

Basic services (included in the price):

  • framing
  • scaling
  • mirroring
  • black and white translation
  • slight color correction

Additional payment of the following design services:

  • color correction tones
  • moving image elements
  • growing images, collageing image elements
  • scan walls with the placement of design elements
  • other types of design work on individual agreement

The cost varies from 100 to 1500 UAH, depending on the complexity and speed of the task.

Creating your individual image requires high qualifications. The cost of such products + 15%.

Also the artist’s work on creating an individual image in high quality is additionally paid.
($ 80-150 depends on the complexity of the work)

Additionally, the price includes:

  • slight color correction after image rendering (minimal color mismatch possible)