Before you make the order, please, read some nuances in the production of the images. We provide high-quality services that is why each order is essential for us as well as satisfaction of customers' requests. The experts of the company will do everything possible for you and try to take into account all the peculiarities of the creation the photo wallpaper. 

The color of the ready photo wallpaper may differ from the image on your monitor   


     The reason is a slight difference of the image on different screens. Everything depends on the device which you use for viewing and its manufacturer. After all, the computer monitors and TVs are equipped with various matrices which determine the apparent mismatch of color, resolution, and screen warmth. 

     We use professional and high-tech equipment for photo wallpaper manufacturing which renders the original colors under printing. That is those natural colors which were captured by the camera when shooting, or which the designer chose to adjust the image. If you are going to get an exact match of the photo wallpaper shades with the designer's interior idea, pre-order a color proof. 

The separate elements of the image may not come to a focus 

     The scenes from our catalogues are usually shot by professional equipment. The shooting process involves projection of the focus in the area where the priority objects are located. So the other details and elements appeared in the image can fall out of the focus. Pay attention to this feature especially when the panoramic image scenes are represented. 

Foreign hotspots

     Photo wallpaper has a physical ability to reflect the direct rays of light as well as any other surface. Although they are made of high-quality materials, but light-absorbing technology has not yet been developed for them. Therefore, pay special attention to placement of lights near the new decorative element. 


Detailed elaboration 

     Our catalogue of scenes contains the images in high resolution only, and that allows highly detailing of the objects themselves and their separate parts. 

     If you order the photo wallpaper in a size exceeding 5 meters on one of the sides, consider the manager's recommendation on color proofing in a 100% increase. 


Black-and-white image - black-and-white palette only 

     One should understand that the black-and-white scene for the photo wallpaper combines a fairly narrow color palette - black and white colors, shades of gray. Often the addition of light blue or red shades to the black-and-white image makes a muted image more expensive and richer at once. 

    We forewarn you in case of such nuances. The wallpaper will fill the central place in your interior and we wish you to be happy with your choice. 

Thank you for understanding! 

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