All parents pay special attention to the interior design of the children's room, since it is important for everyone that the child’s room is the most fabulous, comfortable, warm, looks like a castle of a prince and a princess.

Baby murals - give your child a world of colorful fairy tales

When deciding on photo wallpaper for a nursery, it is worth observing the following rules:

- practicality. Toddlers never sit still, they like to fool around a bit, cheat on their parents, for example: paint the walls with paints, markers, peel wallpapers, etc. Due to the fact that the murals have a special protective layer, this decoration option is most optimal for a children's room. The only thing that needs to be done is to wipe the art of your child, and the photo wallpaper will look perfect again.

- environmental friendliness of materials. It is important to choose a wallpaper made from natural raw materials so that the baby does not have an allergy. Each manufacturer without fail provides quality certificates for their products.

For the room in which he sleeps, plays, and develops a baby who is not yet three years old, it is best to stick the murals where his crib is located. It is recommended to opt for pastel colors by choosing photo wallpaper with small drawings of toys, animals or flowers. Choose light, delicate, unobtrusive prints.

For a child aged 2-4 years, psychologists advise choosing natural murals with a picture of nature.

In the period from 4 to 6 years, it is not recommended to glue the walls of the nursery with excessively variegated flowers, since they adversely affect the psyche and emotions of the baby.

From the age of six, it is necessary to take into account the interests of your child, together with him choosing the plot of the photo wallpaper, their color.

Photowall-paper for boys and girls from Luxury Textile

Let us analyze which patterns and shades are best chosen for boys and girls.

To decorate the boy’s room, it is recommended that you choose a sky-colored photo wallpaper with the image of outer space, airplanes or cars. A correctly selected photo wallpaper plot is able to contribute to the development of children's thinking, memory, and imagination.

For the design of a child’s girl, it is worth choosing wall murals of peach, pink tones, with the image of heroines of fairy tales, cartoons. Today there are a huge number of films, TV shows, cartoons that your kids loved so much, ask them what they like, choose your favorite characters together.

Such a decision as the choice of photo wallpaper is extremely important, because for several years they will be on the wall of the nursery, affecting the psycho-emotional state of your child.

The catalog of our store presents an extensive assortment of original wallpapers. We have available a selection of the most optimal photo wallpaper options for boys, girls of different ages. You can order baby wallpapers on our website, indicating their sizes. In addition, right on the site you can find out the cost of wallpaper, study their characteristics.