In this section, we offer to purchase products at a discount. If the price for a certain product is reduced, this does not mean that it is not of sufficient quality or has a marriage. We reduce the cost of previously manufactured goods, which for some reason have not been shipped. Please note that all products are custom-made. Therefore, all finished products with specific dimensions are offered at a reduced price. If you are satisfied with the characteristics of the product, you can purchase it at a promotional price. In case the product includes a defect, we will definitely inform you about it in the product description.

Promotional products are the perfect solution for those who:

  • I found a product that fits him in size, and the image meets his wishes.
  • has a limited budget and a great desire to purchase quality goods. Therefore, I am ready to choose from a small range.
  • looking for photo wallpapers at the lowest possible price for arranging a summer house, a summer house or a camp site.